This year, we are changing the game and rewriting the rules of holiday shopping. You've heard of Black Friday, right? Here's the insider secret about Black Friday.

A week or two before, most retailers start getting set up for the holiday shopping season. They raise prices and stock up on a bunch of stuff so on Black Friday they can discount it and sell it to you. The stores play some pretty crazy games, like having you come in at 4am just to get a good deal. They create a frenzy of shopping and it's a real pain just to deal with all the craziness.

We're fed up with the games retailers play this time of year and not putting up with it. We're doing holiday sales the right way this year. We've always thought it was madness to have only one day to get a great deal on your holiday shopping. We are saying "FORGET BLACK FRIDAY!" We created BLACK NOVEMBER here at Greenway Ford.

We have an additional $790,000 to lend on select vehicles with the condition that the funds be exhausted by the end of this month. Due to our high volume history of transactions, our lenders have suspended their normal lending requirements, which helps make approvals possible for consumers who may have been denied credit in the recent past. Greenway Ford will mark down a special inventory of quality certified pre-owned vehicles to keep within the lender's guidelines. Black November means you get 30 full days to save BIG on that nicer, newer vehicle you've been wanting!

Many of these vehicles will be sold with NO MONEY DOWN. We are prepared to meet with you within the next 24 hours to be a part of the most memorable and satisfying car deal you will ever make.

Can you trade in your current vehicle? Absolutely. Appraisers on hand will work hard to get you MAXIMUM TRADE VALUE.* After your purchase of a new or pre-owned vehicle, your trade will be PAID OFF REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU OWE.** Every type of vehicle will be available for purchase. No matter what you are looking for, we will have access to it.

WHERE: Greenway Ford at 9001 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando FL 32817

WHEN: The month of November, 2014

*Trade offer is based on condition of vehicle. Deduction will be made for mileage (10 cents to 50 cents per mile depending on models) wear and tear and reconditioning. Trade vehicle value mileage will be calculated at a minimum of 12,000 miles per year, even if actual odometer reading is less than 12,000 miles. Discount includes rebates. **Vehicle trade-ins with lien amounts exceeding actual cash value will require additonal down payment. See dealer for details. Dealership and its agency are not responsible for late, lost, or misdirected mail, typographical errors or production offers. Artwork is for illustration purposes only.